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 Forum Rules (Read before posting!)

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Forums Staff- Admin
Forums Staff- Admin

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PostSubject: Forum Rules (Read before posting!)   Mon Jun 28, 2010 3:10 am

1. No Flaming. This site was made to unite a community of gamers, not tear them apart.

2. No spamming. If you post, try to make your post count. If your post could be deleted, and the rest of the thread following it would not be affected, then your post was probably spam.

3. Be respectful. If you want respect, this is the way to earn it.

4. No double-posting. If you wish to add something to your previous comment, use the "edit" button. It's there for that exact reason.

5. No innapropriate content! This includes porn and other graphic images. Breaking of this rule results in an automatic ban.

6. No arguing. We're all on the same level here. If you absolutely have to fight with someone, use PM or a different site.

7. Stay on topic. We love to see active members on our site, but not at the cost of spammy threads. If you have something else to talk about, start a new thread, or use the PM system.

8. Do not curse excessively. We're all big kids here, so cursing is allowed, but excessive and unnecessary cursing could earn you a warning from a forum Mod or Admin.

9. No Advertising. We aren't here for you (or your friends) to make money. This rule does not include sites such as Facebook and MySpace.

10. Do not attempt to exploit a loophole in these rules. Such attempts are frowned upon, and will result in a warning from a forum Mod or Admin.

These rules will often be referenced as the Ten Commandments. Honor them as such.


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Forum Rules (Read before posting!)
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