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 Untitled Pirate Story, Part two. [Unedited.]

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PostSubject: Untitled Pirate Story, Part two. [Unedited.]   Tue Aug 10, 2010 7:55 am

Quick notes:This part was written in haste, but still continuing the story line. If you all don't like it, I'll re-write it. I do have more planned, but I'm not sure of the overall route of the plot. Mmm, don't just start reading here, because the first chapter can be found in Writing section that this is in as well. Thanks for reading, and to farther your farther the whole pirate theme, fair winds on your travels, and reading, mate.
Description of chapter, for lazy people.
Chapter II:

One day, when my head was somewhat more clear, I headed to the local tavern. I'd gotten enough gold pieces, to kick back a few pints, and perhaps lessen the onslaught my mind had targeted me with.

But, as I strolled in, I saw a few desks in the corner. Behind the desk sat a man simply known as "the Captain." He bore a hat, sword, and eyes colder then the world before him. On the table laid papers, strewn carelessly, a quill, caked in dirt, and a pistol, just waiting for a kid to make the wrong face. I staggered over, slowly shuffling with my feet, as I had as a child, struggling to keep my head above the coming waters.

"'Ello mate, care to join in the fight against tyranny?" He had yelled with a raw smirk, exposing his half empty smile. Those words shot through my skull, with the fury of a cannonball each night for years, many lifetimes ago.

I'd agreed, and he pointed me to the paper that said, "Promotions pay five percent more."

Being new to the world of piracy, I figured I'd give it a shot. So, he pointed me to a man with a wooden leg, who'd show me to "The High Treason." Apparently this was the name of the ship upon which they sailed.

On arrival, I was issued a mop, and told to sit down, when I fell down. By that note, I found a guy, who showed me how to go about the "swabbing" procedure.


That night, Bill, the man who'd taught me the trade earlier, also showed me the ship. The main deck had three sections, the middle being the lowest. There were three massive masts, bearing sails, with the one in the middle protruding slightly. Steps were found connecting these sections, and the Captain's quarters were right behind the wheel, on the middle section. Down the hatch was two rows of twelve cannons each, with portholes, allowing the aforementioned cannons to fire. In between were rows of hammocks ready for drunken, groggy pirates.


I was pretty out of it for the next month, learning every persons role, in ensuring the ship was running at maximum capacity, and the politics that produced a respectful, and disciplined crew. But late one night, during our break, we sat down, just me and Bill. We talked of life, and what would come next. He believed in some magical place, full of flowers and unicorns, or something to that gist.

I thought about that, as we sat, backs against the side of the gently rocking ship, under the starry night. The night had never seemed so cold, and empty before.. Maybe it was my lack of belief, maybe it was the air, or maybe it was Katherine.

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Untitled Pirate Story, Part two. [Unedited.]
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